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Saturday, 29 October 2011

Trick or Treat Event Slowly Rolling Out

FarmVille Trick or Treat
FarmVille Trick or Treat Notice
What would Halloween be without Trick or Treating?! Everyone loves the occasional trick or treat and FarmVille is getting in on all the fun with this year’s Trick or Treat event that is slowly rolling out to all farmers.
Remember last Halloween in FarmVille? You could play pranks on your neighbors farms by turning their animals into ghosts and putting cobwebs in their trees. It was fun for some farmers but to others it got old really quickly as you were left to clean up the mess on  your farm. However, this year there are new incentives for you FarmVille tricksters- such as some exclusive FarmVille Limited Edition Halloween items like the Headless Horseman Gnome and the Candy Corn Hat Horse! Read our FarmVille Freak Trick or Treat Guide below for how everything works to get you on your way to trickery!
FarmVille Trick or Treat Ranking
Tricks & How to get them
First, every farmer is given 10 free tricks to start off with, then it will be up to you to obtain more Tricks. The more tricks you do on your neighbors farms, the more prizes you can unlock.
Obtaining Tricks
  • 1. Send and receive Tricks via the free Gifting Page
  • 2. Find Tricks on your Facebook News Feed from neighbors’ shares
  • 3. Request Tricks from friends
  • 4. Purchase Tricks directly using Farm Cash
Here are some of the Prizes you can redeem for all your hard work tricking:

FarmVille Candy Corn Hat Horse

FarmVille Cobwebbed Tree

FarmVille Headless Horseman Gnome
FarmVille Trick or Treat Information
Trick or Treat Leaderboard
Similar to other collection events, there is a Leaderboard that shows you your progress as well as a comparison to your neighbors. In a new twist, the top trickster will be rewarded with Leaderboard prizes and depends on where you rank with your neighbors. According to Zynga, gifts will be rewarded at the end of the Trick or Treat event, “On 11/7, the top tricksters will be awarded an exclusive prize!” Pshhh…not sure if a lot of people will like this if it means that they will not be able to unlock that one very exclusive prize. Do you think it’s just a new way to hype the activity of FarmVille requests and participation or do you welcome the challenge? Let the competition begin!
How to Perform Tricks
When visting your neighbors’ farms, in addition to normal neighbor help tasks like fertilizing crops, you will also have the option to perform tricks. To enable tricking simply click on the Bat icon that’s located on the right side of your in-game play area. If the Bat icon is color you can perform tricks. To turn it off and perform normal neighbor tasks instead, simply click again until the icon appears unhighlighted by orange circle.
To place a Trick on your neighbors’ farms simply click on a trickable item which includes the following:
What can be Tricked:
  • Trees
  • Animals
  • Orchards
  • Neighbor Pens
Removing Tricks
If you discover that your neighbors’ have played a trick on your farm, of course you will be given the option to remove the trick and return your item (and farm) to normal. Clicking on your neigbor visitor will allow you several options which include:
  • Trick Back – redirects you to the neighbor’s farm that tricked you
  • Clean Up – cleans up the trick that your neighbor performed and returns item to normal.
  • Ok- dismissed your neighbor visitor and leaves trick in place.
Trick or Treat, FarmVille Freaks! If you liked this guide or thought it was helpful be sure to share it with your farmin’ friends!

FarmVille Before Trick or Treat on Neighbors Farm

FarmVille After Trick or Treat on Neighbors Farm
 What do you think of the FarmVille Trick or Treat event so far? Will you be tricking like crazy to get the exclusive gifts? 

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