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Tuesday, 31 January 2012

FarmVille Limited Edition Farm Coin Animals: Can you afford them?


Farm Coins

Vosges Cow

Recently FarmVille has been offering regular Limited Edition animals for Farm Coins. We’re not talking about the regular 300 Farm Coin Cow, 700 Farm Coin Sheep, or even the 5,000 Farm Coin Pub Cat or other run of the mill hundred thousand dollar Farm Coin animal. Not to digress, but anyone else notice that even a simple standard FarmVille Horse has a price tag of 50,000 Farm Coins? Shocking isn’t it, especially since this same animal can be sent for free via the FarmVille Gifting Page. No, we are talking about the ones that you’ve been eyeing, but can’t bring yourself to spend the coinage on or simply can’t afford.
In FarmVille, animals have a long history of costing Farm Cash with the rare Farm Coin animal thrown in the mix. Now, on a weekly basis we can expect to see at least a couple Limited Edition Farm Coin animals enter the market. Although these pricey critters usually come with an expensive price tag, it’s an option that we welcome. Now let’s talk more about price. For example, this week the FarmVille Market introduced the Thuringian Goat for 2.5 million Farm Coins and most recent a Vosges Cow for 3 million Farm Coins. There’s also a drool-worthy Lion costing 3 million Farm Coins who will be leaving the market in just a few days. The catch is that because these Farm Coin animals are still Limited Edition, they won’t be in the market forever. So you’ll have to spend what Farm Coins you have or work hard on your farm and save up enough Farm Coins to purchase these animals in the time frame allowed. Maybe even some of you have been desperate enough to purchase a Farm Coin package using real money.
At these prices it makes it difficult for beginners or casual farmers to afford, especially if they are hoping to purchase the occasional Farm Coin animal, much less collect and give homes to all the Farm Coin animals introduced to the market. Perhaps, even the most elite FarmVille Freaks are struggling to keep up. The cost of fueling and running four farms, plus purchasing Farm Expansion not only takes a toll on our bank account, but so does stocking up on these fancy animals.
It’s nice to see an option to purchase animals without using Farm Cash, but at these prices, it makes us wonder who really can afford these expensive Limited Edition Farm Coin animals?

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